21 Day Intermittent Fast

Our Fast

We’ll drink only clear liquids from 8:00 PM until 12:00 PM the following day. Our first meal of that day will be a meatless salad with water as our beverage. After that, we can eat as we wish until 8:00 PM that evening.
My prayer is that this type of fasting can become a lifestyle for you. Fasting helps to strengthen your immune system, promotes weight loss, and gives you mental clarity. But even greater than all that, it will strengthen your spirit!

The focus of our fast will be three-fold: Clarity, Crime, and the Capital.

Clarity is the ultimate purpose of fasting. Being that our future is getting brighter and we desire clarity after things have been so unsure.

Crime is getting closer to all of us. It has released so much anxiety and pain locally and nationwide. When the criminals break into the place that makes the laws, we need to be in the best place spiritually and mentally to receive answers from the Lord.

The Capital. The decisions they make in the next four years will set the course for our nation over the next 20 years.

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